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7 months ago

Hide some api from users in my organization


Is there a way to avoid some users of my Org to see some APIs? For example, for a specific Project, I'd like to have only authorized users to be able to see the corresponding APIs. 

Currently, I'm able to limit Designer access to the authorized users, but all users, regardless of their teams or permission levels, can see all APIs in my Organization. 


Thank you.  

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    beAPI Hi
    It's a little bit complex since organization team member's are supposed to have a minimum level of access, at least read level.

    You can define your API in a separated Org and manage the access by using the "Share and collaborate" link.

    Then, the link will grant an individually access to the API spec. according to your needs.

    Let us know if you get a solution

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      Hi chichepo ,

      Thanks for the response. 

      Unfortunately, that won't work in our case. Since we use the SaaS version which is licensed by Org, we only have 1 single Org (and currently not willing to have more).

      So I understand that protected API contracts cannot reside into our Org for the moment.


      Thank you.  

  • Hi beAPI - enter a support case on the portal and have support take a look at this. They can also add it as a product suggestion.