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9 years ago

Codegen feature not working

Hi all,


I am trying to use the "Codegen" feature of SwaggerHub. However it always results in a "SwaggerHub Error".


The spec of my API is valid according to the SwaggerHub parser. I also configured the generation feature using the "Edit Codegen Options" window. I tried different types of generation (client, server, different languages) but it still results in an error.


Are there other attention points I could have missed ? Any advice on how to debug this issue ?


Thanks in advance for your support.


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  • Hi Alex,


    Sorry to hear! Is your definition public?  If so I'd be happy to look at it to see what is putting the codegen in a tizzy.  Also what language/target are you building?

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        Hi, thanks for sharing.  I've found a couple things:


        * The swagger-parser (used by codegen) doesn't seem to like having an "allOf" item with just one value.  I've logged that and we'll get it fixed in SwaggerHub as well as OSS.

        * The codegen seems to like having the $ref as the first array item.  It shouldn't care, so that's a bug.  To work around it, just move the $ref to the first item


        With that, here's your definition updated and working for java client and inflector.  Note that for the allOf constructs with one item, I just made it a simple model.  You may need to change that if you're going to extend them.



        Let me know when you have pulled the changes into your version and I'll delete my fork.