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8 years ago

Can't open api as logged user

Api work normally as guest and stun at "Loading API" with js errors in console if I log in to

Screenshots in attachments.


Try Chrome 55 and Firefox 50 at Windows 10 Pro x64 and Windows 8 Pro x64 on another PC. Clean cookies and local storage.


Two days ago all works fine. Any ideas?

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  • Very odd!  There are two possible causes to this, so if you could...


    * Please hard-reload the page, when logged in.  Usually this is shift + reload in your browser

    * Please delete your cookies for *


    Let us know if that does the trick

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      Thanks for answer.

      But its not help. Delete cookies, reboot pc. Try on home pc (never use swagger before) - same problem.

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        Can you give it another try? We released a patch that may help with it.