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6 years ago

API gateway integration - proxy server question

Hi there,


I'm attempting to use the api gateway integration extension and am confused as to what "Address of the server to Proxy to*" refers to - please assume for this that the entirety of the work I have done so far on this api has been within the swaggerhub builder and I have therefore not (knowingly) done any work to set up a separate server anywhere in the process.


Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Amazon API Gateway can work in the proxy mode passing requests to an external API server, or it can use AWS Lambda functions as a backend for API endpoints. SwaggerHub has different integrations for these scenarios:

    Amazon API Gateway – Use it if you have an existing API server and you want to proxy or secure it using API Gateway.

    Amazon API Gateway Lambda Sync – Use it if you want to use AWS Lambda functions as a backend for your API.


    For the first type:

    Address of the Server to Proxy to – The back-end HTTP endpoint to which API Gateway will proxy the requests. For example, or If your API definition specifies the host, basePath and scheme, this is scheme:host/basePath.


    So, it's not necessary to specify the existing server if you don't need to send requests to it.


    Please see this article for additional details:


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      I'm still confused about what the Address of the Server to Proxy to is.


      Is this one of the parameters that SwaggerHub gives? or is it a parameter we need to get from the Amazon API Gateway?

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        We are trying to set up the Amazon API Gateway Integration but we are unable to set it up. We don't get any error message so it's hard to know what is going wrong. 

        Could you also advise the better way to debug the integration?