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5 months ago

Can we use older OAS version json schema editor behaviors in model files ?

Originally posted by user takeo_kusama to the Stoplight Community on 01/06/2023 00:40 ET.

Hi! I know that specifying older version, stoplight studio automatically changes the json schema editor's behavior in an api file, but in a separated model file it seem to use Open API 3.1.0 as default. Is it possible to change the behavior another version?

I also found the description to mention a little in the section ( This is only mentioning 'openapi: $value' may vary behaviors of it. But, Type array format is not compatible in version 3.0.x and if it is tied to an api file via $ref, validation error occurs. So, if it doesn't support to change version, we couldn't use union type with GUI Editor and it's very uncomfortable. Is there anyone I would ask about that?

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