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5 months ago

automated stoplight project create

Originally posted by user jpjofre to the Stoplight Community on 03/22/2023 at 16:03 ET.

At my work we are creating Github repos in an automated way and would like to add a companion Stoplight project to the new repo.

Is there a way to create a Stoplight project without human interaction, or to say it differently: is it possible to automate the creation of Stoplight projects?

So far, I haven't been able to find a way to create the corresponding Stoplight project (to the repo) that doesn't require human interaction.

The well intended stoplight-cli only works if the Stoplight project already exists.

I know that humans will have to interact with Stoplight; what we don't want is to depend on those humans to create the projects and make them follow the standards we have for project naming and association with their repos.

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