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12 years ago

xsd definitions in WADL File

Hi Folks,

I have a REST Project which has a WADL File, inside this file there are references to two XSD files (where the service operations are defined). When I load the WADL File, the service operations are missing (I am assuming this is because SoapUI cant find the xsd references, or can't load them).

Any Idea's ?


<wadl:application xmlns:wadl="" xmlns:xs="">
<wadl:doc xmlns:enunciate="" enunciate:generatedBy="Enunciate-1.22"/>
<wadl:include href="ns.xsd"/>
<wadl:include href="data.xsd"/>

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    I must say that I am surprised that no one else has encountered this issue. I sent an email to smart bear support at the same time I posted this, and no response.
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      Can you please tell me the solution to this?  I, too, need to find XSD definitions for my WADL file.




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        I have the same problem , 

        Can you please tell me how this problem resolved ???

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    I know this is a very old thread, but did any of you guys figure out how to do this?