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5 years ago

WSDL file is not loading

Dear All 

i am new to this community and hope to find help

i am working on BMC remedy application and need to consume WSDL file in Remedy but it is not loading 

BMC Remedy has these limitation in consuming WSDL 


  1. 1- SOAP-encoded arrays and SOAP-encoded structures are not supported. This means that RPC-encoded and document-encoded web services with complex input or output parameters do not work. For example, Amazon Web 2- Services API and Google Web Services API fall into this category.
  2. 3- All operations should be of one kind — that is, all RPC-encoded or all doc/literal.
  3. 4- Only SOAP operations are considered. MIME and HTTP operations are ignored.
  4. Overloaded operations are not allowed.
  5. 5- Both input and output should be present; one-way messaging is not allowed.
  6. 6- A WSDL file cannot have both a <wsdl:include> and a <wsdl:types> element.
  7. Tip
  8. As a workaround, use <xsd:include> inside <wsdl:types>. There is no restriction on the number of <xsd:include> elements that you can use.

  9. 7- A WSDL file cannot have more than one <wsdl:include> element.
  10. 8- BMC Remedy AR System supports Message Parts that point to XML Elements or XML Simple Types only.
  11. 9- If a <wsdl:message> element has more than one Message Part, only the first Message Part is considered.

i am trying to load the file but it is not loading so i dont know if my file contain one of the limitation above or not because i am not experinced in XML

can you help to identify if the file has some limitation of above ?

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