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4 years ago

Wrong operation soap called by soapui


i have two operations soap with an empty request.

When i call one of them,it call the other.



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    Hi lerudine,

    Just to clarify your post.

    You have a SOAP project, there are two SOAP operations defined in the
    One or both of the SOAP requests associated with one or both of your operations has a blank payload? Youve already got a problem there. You dont get blank payloads in SOAP requests. The payload in SOAP requests are paramount because this isnt REST where you can control/filter your request based on the different REST parameters (query, header, matrix, uri/template), so the payload is everything. Also the method is typically POST which infers you need a payload.

    When you say "When i call one of them,it call the other."

    Q1. How are you calling the request?
    Q2. How are the requests setup in SoapUI?

    Essentially a second request shouldnt be submitted without some additional input, tailoring in the SoapUI project itself to force the second request to be executed, but people are going to need more info as to your issue.

    Can you confirm how you are submitting your request? Just executing the SOAP request or have you got an associated test step and it is this thats being executed?

    Can you confirm the contents of your SoapUI project (testsuite, testcase and teststep object hierarchy) if you are executing via a test rather than just submitting the SOAP request itself?

    If you posted a screenshot or two, that'd no doubt help people visualise what youve got, your setup and what the problem and a possible fix might be.

    Nice one

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      Both of them are in the same interface declaration. Same namespace.

      Both of them have as request on soapui:

      <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">


      the first operation :

      @WebResult(name = "verifyDocResponse")
      public VerifyDocResponse verifyDoc() throws ApplicationFault;


      the second operation:

      @WebResult(name = "readDocResponse")
      public ReadDocResponse readDoc() throws ApplicationFault;


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        Hey lerudine 


        I appreciate you responding but I cant help without you answering the questions I asked in my original post.  The info you supplied doesnt really help in diagnosing whats going on