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4 years ago

Write result(Pass or Fail) in Excel of REST API POST method by groovy Script(SOAP Ui 5.6.0)

Hello Everyone, I am using following steps and see the screeshots please, i want to store the result that is if response is pass the i want to store pass status in excel sheet. 

1. SOAP UI 5.6.0 Open Source

2. Use excel sheet(.xls) to get the input for REST API POST method

3. Now need to write the Pass and Fail status in the excel sheet. See screenshot please.





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  • @Neha_bhardwaj : After the Test Request step you need to :


    1. add 1 groovy step and in that step you need to get the status of Test Request step and

    2. write into Excel sheet by using jxl library.

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      Thank You Himanshu,

      I am new trying to learn groovy, I could not implemented this steps, could you please help me on this.