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8 years ago

Why there is NO Select Source XPath dialog?

Hi all! I did not find any answer and I'm confused. I'm not a super coder, I'm a PM actually, but I need to test several SOAP requests to an API. Well, there is a sequence of requests. I have to logon (obtain a Signature) and then do several requests, providing this Signature as a request parameter. OK, there is a description in the documentation exactly for this case. Great! But there is a step where I should choose a node from the logon response to transfer it. And I DON'T see the corresponding Dialog window. There is a correct value in the "Response" property of the step "Logon - Request 1". So, why? I also tried to write an XPath expressions manually. It didn't help







UPD: There is a description for the Property Transfer step here:


It says: This page contains information for SoapUI Pro that has been replaced with Ready! API.
To try enhanced property transfer functionality, feel free to download a SoapUI NG Pro trial.


Does it mean that the Property Transfer Steps are available only in SoapUI NG Pro? 


If it's a FAQ question, I kindly ask to point me there.

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