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7 years ago

Why Dump File feature in Soapui 5.2 creates file with unreadable contents?

I'm trying to store the response from a Soap request by using the Dump File property in my TestRequest properties editor. The following is a small excerpt of the output file:


‹  í½`I–%&/mÊ{JõJ×àt¡€`$ؐ@ìÁˆÍæ’ìiG#)«*ÊeVe]f@Ì흼÷Þ{ï½÷Þ{ï½÷º;N'÷ßÿ?\fdlöÎJÚÉž!€ªÈ?~|?"ÿïez™×MQ-?ûhw¼óQš/§Õ¬X^|öѺ=ß>øè÷8ú“ÇM•­./ó²Zå)½´l½kŠÏ>š·íêÑÝ»WWWã«{㪾¸»·³³{÷÷þâùëé<_dÛŲi³å4ÿȾ5»ù-ÓÝÚÖ ÕŒé+|ίᗻ¹âu÷#‹ê“jv?Nê|V´'ó|úöUÞ¬ªeã°<¾ÖPƒ7Š²$§Õbœ­


The request is a step within a test case. The encoding is set to UTF8. I opened the file using Notepad++ and tried to play around with different encoding but got no luck.


Any idea?

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