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14 years ago

Where can I hire a SoapUI consultant?

We're considering using SoapUI to test the web services called by a Flex / Flash application. I'm looking to hire someone for a few hours to write some initial scripts and give us a jump start.

Any suggestions on where to find someone?


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    I'm definitely not one. But probably would be good for you to post the location where you'd need one.
  • Also, you may want to include the size of your services api, reporting requirements, and timelines. I know a couple "weekend warrior" consultants that are always looking for work.
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      I have some relatively simple projects using SOAP UI Pro that I sometimes need help with.  These include occasional troubleshooting of Groovy Script or helping with a Google API.  I am a sales engineer and use the tool to help solve customer problems so every project is a bit different.  But, honestly, I don't think my questions are that hard...I'm just learning on lots of levels and am willing to pay for an occasional half an hour or hour of help via email or a quick video conference if someone is interested.

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        If its a SoapUI pro consultant you need, then possibly it would be better to post on the Ready! API / SoapUI pro forum? Then you might get more attention from the commercial team, possibly they have a professional services team that can help.


        In terms of this (open source) forum, depending on how much time your questions need, you could always try getting your answers for free? 


        Or possibly you could strike a deal with a member of this forum to provide some form add hoc consultancy?


        Interesting question anyway...




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    This community is growing. SmartBear do not support custom groovy script even for the paid software, IMO.

    As rupert_anderson rightly pointed, if the information is available from the author of the question, mostly it gets addressed by community users. Of course, some times though users need help, they will not be able to share information because this is public forum and they may struggle to get done with few things which is unfortunate.

    People are sometimes posting their questions to other communities in parallel such as where there are active participants replying.

    So, feel free to put your questions and see.
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      Thanks all. 


      The Groovy Script is just an example...I'm currently trying to get a Google API authentication going.  I've put this on the forum as well.  But, what I'm really looking for in this post, is someone willing to share an email address and their time (for a fee) for times when I get stuck. 


      My best example is that I had a 50 line Groovy Script that was missing a single space.  Syntax was killing me.  That's was missing a space and I kept coming back to it for two months when I had a few minutes trying to get it to work.  When an expert looked at it, it took less than 5 minutes of that person's time and, bam, it was fixed.  That guy isn't available but I'm thinking someone might be.  I'm not a developer...I'm an application configuration guy who occasionally needs a bit of code to finish a project out.  Or, in today's example, I need to reach out to Google API with an API Token.  This is stuff that I suspect most community members can do well (probably in their sleep) but these are incredibly hard for me.