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8 years ago

When WS-RM is enabled for a Test Case, a NullPointerException is throws when I try to run that Tests



With SoapUI 5.3.0 I'm trying to compose a test case consisting of two SOAP requests. WS-RM is enabled on the server side and I can run each of the two SOAP requests individually, but each starts a new WS-RM sequence.


I also can run the test case of the two requests successfully, unless I try to enable WS-RM in the test case option (in order to run both requests in a single sequence). Then I do so, I get the message:


TestCase failed [java.lang.NullPointerException:java.lang.NullPointerException], time taken = 0


My settings on the WS-RM tab card for the test case options are:

WS-RM enabled: Checked

WS-RM Version: 1.1

WS-RM Ack to:

WS-RM Expires: 10000


(btw I'm not aware of the units of WS-RM Expires, it's not mentioned, I assumed milliseconds, but the null ref exception occurs whatever I enter here).


Thanks for your help!!


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