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9 years ago

When running is there a way to disable the output to the screen?

I'd like to run an overnight soak test utilzing the LoadTests that I've created in SOAPUI. I need to run these tests using on a Unix box due to the high network latency between my laptop where the tests were designed and where the service actually resides.


When executing the -r <path_to_SOAPUI_xml_file> output is just spewed to the console window.


I can pipe it to a std.out file, but there is so much that I'm afraid it will fill up the hard disk over the course of 8-10 hours.


So, what can be done?


As a follow-up, does anyone know if the raw data that is used in the statistics.xml report files is exportable/viewable? For instance, if I want to run a ten minute test and see ALL test steps/cases and how each individual request responded to rule out outliers, can this be done?


I haven't seen anything like this yet other than the console output spewing from the script, but that does not provide the detail of how long the RTT was per request.

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