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2 years ago

WADL generation for JSON body in REST API calls

Hello all,

We need to generate a WADL representation of a REST API call. This is part of an MFA authentication where we need to generate the Token using POST method and then use the token in a GET method call to get the data required. The POST method accepts only a JSON body. We have tested this SoapUI by giving a JSON body or by adding the "Query" parameters and ticking the 'Post Querystring' checkbox (when we tick the check box, the query parameters are converted to JSON body . Both these works.

Now, we are using a BODS job to access the Rest API and for this we need to use a WADL file. We are not able to get the right representation for specifying the JSON body through a WADL. Even we extract it from SOAPUI, it only gives an empty body under "application/json" representation.

Hence, could any of you experts let us know how to specify the JSON body in a WADL representation.


The JSON body that we have is as follows

"client_id": "XXXXXXXXXXXXX",
"audience": "https://xxxxx.xxxx.xxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxx/",
"grant_type": "client_credentials"




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