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6 years ago

Vulnerabilities in SOAP UI Docker Image(version 5.4.0)



I successfully created a docker image for open source soap ui(version 5.4.0). While running a security scan on this image with the help of twistlock, I encountered some vulnerabilities. Following are its details for reference:-


1) com.fasterxml.jackson.core_jackson-databind version 2.3.0 has 13 vulnerabilities

2) com.fasterxml.jackson.core_jackson-core version 2.3.0 has 2 vulnerabilities

3) xerces_xercesImpl version 2.9.1 has 1 vulnerability


Can you please enlighten on the part as to why these vulnerabilites are occuring and what exactly are they?

What are the posibilities of it getting fixed in the next version of soap ui?


Thanks in advance!




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