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9 years ago

Validations on MockService



I have the following testing structure, and I would appreciate some help with how to validate mock services incoming messages on SoapUI:


I am sending a SOAP message from soapui to simulate the client, it goes to my server which sends a 200OK response back to the soapui. Then, my server sends an action to a different server, which sends it back to a different client, which is a listener only, which I simulate using a mock service in soapui.

I have an automation tool that launches soapui from the command line, and then needs to validate the results(by looking at the log printed by soapui).

The problem I have is how to run validations on the incoming request to the soapui mock service? Since the soapui generic validations/assertions are made on the 200OK response.

I thought about maybe writing a script that will export the incoming message to a log file. Is that possible?

If anyone has a an idea that would be very helpful.


Thanks in advance.

  • Hi,

    When you do:

    def file1 = new File('/temp/groovy1.txt')
    file1 << mockRequest.getRequestContent()

    That should append to the file, the << is the same as .append()


    Did you try making multiple requests to your mock? The file should contain all of them.


    If you do this, I don't think you get a line break inserted - if you want one its easy to add, see


    Alternatively, you could consider creating one file per request or unique request - one exmple of this involves extracting some property of the request and appending it to the file name e.g.


    def requestXMLHolder = new
    def requestInvoiceNo=requestXMLHolder.getNodeValue("//inv:getInvoice[1]/inv:invoiceNo[1]")
    def file1 = new File('/temp/groovy1'+requestInvoiceNo+'.txt')
    file1 << mockRequest.getRequestContent()







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