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8 years ago

Using properties from a request with proprty transfer for JSON



I posted this thread 2 times already and for some reason it doesn't show up afterwards, hope now it will...


I'm building a test case for using REST requests.

This test case contains sending request to my service, then my service sends a request( that was triggered by the initial request it received) to a mock, which i'm simulating using a mock response test step.


I want to be able to use properties between steps, but I've managed to do so only on SOAP test step.


For example:


1st step - send a request(JSON) that contains several parameters in the JSON body

2nd step - i want to use one of the parameters from the 1st request(not from the response), in this request.

I know how to do it with property transfer step when i use SOAP request, but i wasn't able to understand how to do it for JSON.


Can this be done?



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