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7 years ago

Using OpenShift To Run SoapUI Test Suites\Cases

Is anyone running their SoapUI test suites\cases in Red Hat OpenShift?


Are there any tutorials or documentation for how to do this?


I would like to start with a proof of concept demonstration using a MOCK REST service deployed to a WAR file and then deploy that WAR file to an OpenShift Docker container to run it.  I would then like to run my test suite\case by executing mocktestrunner.bat from another OpenShift Docker container.  This configuration would be to demonstrate how SoapUI test cases could be run automatically from OpenShift.


Presently the MOCK REST service would be used in the proof of concept because the production service is not yet ready.  In the future when the production service is ready we will run it in it's own OpenShift container and test it with the SoapUI testrunner.bat used for command line automation.  We would like to deploy and run the testrunner.bat in an OpenShift container as well, thus the proof of concept would demonstrate this environment by simulation.


I am new to both SoapUI and OpenShift.


I have already created all the SoapUI artifacts I need, i.e. a SoapUI project with test suite, test case and MOCK REST service; exported the project as a WAR, and prepared a .bat file to execute the mocktestrunner.bat.  What I need now is to know what has to be done in OpenShift.  So if there is anyone out there that has done this I would really like to hear from you.





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    This question seems to be basically entirely about how to use OpenShift, since you say you've already got the SoapUI part doing what you want... perhaps you'll get better help than what I can offer via an OpenShift community?


    From a quick browse of the Docker site, it looks like you'll need to select a base image for your container.


    You could choose a webserver and deploy from WAR. Something like...


    docker pull tomcat

    And then some image that gives you bash to run your client via


    docker pull ubuntu

    Or use the same image with bash for both, just running the server via soapui's

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      Thank you!


      Believe it or not, your simple reply says a lot to someone new to both SoapUI and OpenShift.


      My next step would have been to contact Red Hat or the OpenShift community, however I just wanted to get an idea of how anyone out there might be running their SoapUI tests in OpenShift first.


      Thanks again,