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4 years ago

Upgrading from 5.5.0 to 5.6.0 causes load scripts to be ignored. Only *automatic* execution please!

In one of our project file we added a LoadScript that allows us to automatically start mocks for our application.

That script is normally commented (so it never gets executed automatically when loading SOAP-UI). When needed then we always remove the leading comment and start the mocks by clicking the green triangle to execute the load script.


This worked fine in v5.5.0 but in v5.6.0 nothing happened, when we clicked the triangle! The mocks were NOT started but there was also no error message in the log.


As turned out that feature seems to be disabled by a new global security setting "Disable the Load and Save scripts". But IMHO that feature should disable the automatic execution of load/save scripts ONLY during startup or when loading a project. When explicitly clicking to execute the script then it SHOULD be executed regardless of that security setting! IMHO it is a bug that this flag also disables the interactive execution of load-scripts!

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