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7 years ago

Unable to Connect SQLSERVER DB by using JDBC step

Have used all the pre-requisites


Copied all the JAR files -sqljdbc41 and sqljdbc42 in ext and lib folders


Copied sqljdbc_auth.dll in bin folder


Used the driver name as-


Unable to make the connection successful


Please let me know is any other steps to be taken to establish the connection


Appreciated your help in this




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    Thanks for your reply


    Have tried with two options


    Option 1:

    Download jtds-1.3.1.jar
    And place it under READYAPI_HOME/bin/ext directory and restart.

    Use driver class as : net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver

    Use connection string as :


    Getting error as Can't get the connection for specified properties

    java.sql.SQLException:Network error IOException:Connection timed out to connect


    Option 2


    Copied sqljdbc_auth.dll  in bin folder

    Copied sqljdbc42.jar  in ext folder

    Used SQL Driver as SQL Driver :

    Connection String as:jdbc:sqlserver://ServerIP:Port;databaseName=DBName;user=username;password=password


    Getting error as Could not get the connection specified properties followed by connection string values



    Please can you help me any other options for getting connection successful


    Currently I'm using trial version of Ready API2.2.0 version



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      There are place holders of the database details. Please replace those values and try it.
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    In Both the cases


    Have used my project DB Name, UserName and Password


    FYI.. My DB is hosted in Server it is not running locally



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    Thanks for your help!!


    Finally I'm able to make the successful connection


    SQL Server DB is running in host environment not in local


    Used the below steps



                      bin\ext folder contains sqljdbc41.jar

                      bin folder contains sqljdbc_auth.dll


    2. Driver Name as


    3. Connection String as jdbc:sqlserver://<Instannce Name>;databaseName=<DB Name>;integratedSecurity=true