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8 years ago

TestRunner.bat TestSuite Properties



Is it possible to set the testsuite custom properties via the command line (TestRunner.bat) ?


We have our end points stored at this level and need to alter them per environment.


I have tried -P but this looks to be a level above at the project level.



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    Yes, it is possible to do so, here is excerpt from SoapUI's documentation:


    An extended possibility to override/set properties at the project/testsuite/testcase/mockservice level is also available by adding a


    value to the global or system properties, where shortened-name-of-object is the name of the corresponding object with only characters. For example if you have a TestSuite in your project named "TestSuite 1", you can set



    which will load the properties in the specified file ("") into the "TestSuite 1" TestSuite properties (please note that any TestSuite names "TestSuite 1" in any of your projects will be affected).



    So, the commad-line apears as:

    testrunner.bat/sh [and the other options currently that are in use]