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9 years ago

String manipulation in response editor. Response editor usability

I have a slight inconvenience when using response editor.

In my project soap response contains tag <result/> wich holds escaped xml response.

It's quite a pain every time I use manual testing. First I delete all response containers and then do xml format.


I wondering is there some solutions to improve usability of response editor:

  • Is there a way to unescape xml in response editor? Or maybe toggle between CDATA and escaped entities? Or set some setting that changes the length of xml that SoapUI prefers to wrap with CDATA?
  • Do you have string manipulation functions applicable to xml?
  • Do you have some macros feature, so I could automate some actions?



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    Sorry, I couldn't quite get what you wanted to do/improve in th Response Editor?


    Please can you provide an example? Maybe of the XML that you want to process and how you want it to look after?