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7 years ago

SSLHandshakeException when defining keyStore in JVM options

I have to call a web-service that uses client authentication.


I have one version that works, an one version that does not work (throws a SSLHandshakeException). I am very interested in the differences that SoapUI does, because I have similar problems at my glassfish java implementation.


I have imported the client certificate to C:\Program Files\SmartBear\SoapUI-5.2.1\jre\lib\security\clientkeystore.


The version that does NOT work:

  • I have added this keystore to C:\Program Files\SmartBear\SoapUI-5.2.1\bin\SoapUI-5.3.0.vmoptions (set the JVM options and --> see attachment
  • I have restarted SoapUI and checked menu 'Help'-->'System Properties'. My added lines are in there --> see attachment
  • When I call the web-service, I get the exception: " Received fatal alert: handshake_failure"

The version that works:

  • Open SoapUI Preferences --> SSL Settings. Select the keystore mentioned above and same as set as JVM option and enter also same password there.
  • When I call the web-service, it works fine and gives me a result

So what is the difference?

What other things is SoapUI doing than setting the system properties and when I add the keystore information at runtime to the SoapUI SSL settings?


I have written a java client using the same java and keystore (and also only setting and that works fine and returns a correct result.

When I do the same thing with glassfish I get a 'SSLHandshakeException: Received fatal alert: unknown_ca' exception.


Anybody an idea?

Thanks for help.

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