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2 years ago

SSLException: Connection Reset

Hi all,


I'm getting SSLException (connection reset)  when I  try to send a large xml file (1.8Mb) to a webservice. Small files are working well (6Kb for example).


The request that doesn't work waits for about 5 minutes because the webservice takes its time for processing. After this time I get the error: SSLException connection reset. I thinks it's like the server is responding and immediatly it closes the socket. I send the same file using a firefox extension (Wizdler) and it works well, after 5 minutes aprox I can see the response.


I have attached a photo where you can see the settings, I have enabled mtom  and I have programmed large timeouts to avoid time problems.


I don't know if there is a problem with java because my app is having the same behaviour, I use axis2 and I can send small files but not large xml files.


I will appreciate any help





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