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5 years ago

SoapWsdl mocking

I want to mock api reponses from a wsdl soap file.I can see the responses in SoapUi.I want to see it publicly...I am trying to using ngrok..

Can anybody suggest if it can be done or not and can i expose the mock response to outside public server?

I want the api publicly in apigee..Can it be done?

Please guide me...How can i expose using ngrok?

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    I don't see why not.


    I don't know anything about either apigee or ngrok. But from googling them, they both appear to be services designed to sit in front of any webserver, so why not SoapUI?


    To help with setting those up, I suggest you refer to their documentation, ask on their pages, or a more general page, as this forum is only for SoapUI.