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6 years ago

SOAPUI OS Certification



I am planning to take the SOAPUI OS Certification Test in a few days from now. Could you please share the Sample Question link . The one mentioned on the site is not working as its says unsupported browser. Even though i have the latest windows OS and Browser installed on my system . A pdf copy would be much appreciated. 


Also once the test is cleared in , how many days would i be getting the certificate . Also what would be its validity or it has to be renewed every time .



Ritesh Bharuka

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    I'm also interested on this and I also couldn't open the sample questions link. Maybe TanyaYatskovska ... you can help us?

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      Hi Guys,

      I'm trying to find the answer to you. Get back to you very soon.

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        Hi again,


        I was informed that to see the certification quiz, the browser must support Flash content. Could you please check this on your side?