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8 years ago

SOAPUI in high resolution screen, the text are coming very small

I am having a 3200*1800 resolution laptop. Though the SOAPUI is working fine, the text and everything is very very small. Great strain on the eyes. I believe many people are facing this issue. Has SMARTBEAR addressed this issue yet?

Wanted to check if anyone have any alternate solution. Thanks in advance. 

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  • I have the same issue I'm running two laptops and want to purchase a multi seat license for 20 developers + but I'm running into the same issue. We are running Lenovo T540P IBM  Thinkpads and Lenovo IBM P50's Thinkpads at the recommend resolution which is defaulted at 3840 x 2160. All my other programs work fine except for two. One is in beta that scales like this and the other is SoapUI. Its a java issue for sure. Its a class that needs to be added into the program that checks the DPI resolution and scales it accordingly. 

    I've tried right clicking on SoapUI and disabling the DPI scaling and also changed changed my defaults to "ALL" the different display resolutions to no avail.

    SoupUI is a great program; that I can grantee you but its not currently compatible with most or some DPI displaying laptops. 


    I hope SMARTBEAR lives up to its name and fixes this problem/bug/issue pronto...since I'm sure many people are not taking the time to write there incompatibility issue like I am .... We need a solution eventually. I spoke to the great reps at Smartbear and they seem to be aware of the problem but I'm not sure if they are working on a fix other than sending their customers/potential customers this forum in hopes of a solution. 






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      Agree with that. There a new release 5.3. I have asked a query to Smartbear, on whether they have addressed the DPI issue with this release. Yet to hear back.