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5 years ago

SoapUI (Free) testrunner.bat not showing my assertions

Hi there,


I am facing the following problem. I have a project, with a testsuite, 1 testcase containing 5 teststeps. 1 of the teststeps contains an assertion that will fail (I added this on purpose). When executing the testsuite in SoapUI, that step failes due to the assertion. So far so good...


When running this testsuite with testrunner.bat I also get an error that that step is failing.. What I dont understand is the following message in the command window: (check the bold)


SoapUI 5.5.0 TestCaseRunner Summary


Time Taken: 26650ms

Total TestSuites: 1

Total TestCases: 1 (1 failed)

Total TestSteps: 5

Total Request Assertions: 0

Total Failed Assertions: 0

Total Exported Results: 1

16:16:05,540 ERROR [SoapUITestCaseRunner] java.lang.Exception: TestCase [SmokeTest] failed without assertions


16:16:05,540 ERROR [SoapUI] An error occurred [TestCase [SmokeTest] failed without assertions

], see error log for details

java.lang.Exception: TestCase [SmokeTest] failed without assertions


This info seems not ok ??? Seems like the counter for the assertions is not working ??? Info that the testcase is failed without assertions seems faulty, no ?! Since it is actually failing due to the assertion...

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