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9 years ago

Soapui-eclipse plug in gives error





I have taken soapui-eclipse plugin  from this link


I unzipped and copied the files to the eclipse/dropin directory.

Restarted the eclipse.

Go to eclipse->perspective and i can see soapui in the list. But when i click on soapui eclipse crashes and returns error like:


log4j:ERROR setFile(null,false) call failed. soapui.log (Permission denied)


WARN [SoapUI] Missing folder [/home/usr/ext] for external libraries
INFO [DefaultSoapUICore] initialized soapui-settings from [/home/usr/soapui-settings.xml].


Do i need any external libraries in order for this to work? If yes, can any one direct me what libraries i need to add and where to add them?


Many thanks for your help,

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