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3 years ago

SoapUI Coverage Measure Plugin

 Hi SoapUI - Fans, 


I'am looking for a solution / plugin to measure the Coverage of SOAP Webservice Requests/Response. Is there a solution / plugin available ? Is it rocket size to develop by ourselfes a coverage solution ?  I know there is a commercial solution ReadyAPI that provides a very good solution, unfortunately our client will not license ReadyAPI. Sorry for it.


Thanks in advance, & Happy Christmas to the whole community !

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    Hi bolli2000 ,

    there is no plugin or available solution as far as I know.


    Let's say we want to calculate the metric:

    C = ( Services-Operations used in test steps ) / ( Services-Operations present in definitions)


    Then it can be achieved by a Groovy script which would do:


    for operation in definitions {
      add to serviceList

    for step in testSteps {
      add to testedServices

    compare the lists a make the output

    You need to do the coding, maybe presenting the results would be the main work.


    A bit nicer would be to write the code in Java, compile into jar, put in bin/ext directory. Then you can call it anywhere you want, e.g. from a tearDown script of a test suite. 


    Best regards,