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5 years ago

SoapUI 5.5.0 UI is appearing too small in my laptop

I have installed SoapUI v5.5.0 in may machine and after I launch it the resolution is too small. I have tried the resolution from previous version but this didn't work.



Screen Resolution: 3200 x 1800 (Recommended)
Scale and layout: Dell XPS 13
Windows 10

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      SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

      Thanks Richie!


      SoapUser9856 I see that you replied straight to the email, please make sure to answer here, inside the Community, or your reply won't be able to reach us. 


      Also, I am glad to here that you solved the issue🙂 Let me copy the email message here this time:


      Hi Rich,

      Resolved! My troubleshooting mistake was that I did not opt the DPI Scale into “Application”. I only set it to System.