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8 years ago

SoapUI 5.3 released!

SoapUI 5.3 is released today!


Additions include SwaggerHub improvements, OAuth improvements (most notably OAuth 1 support), Postman importer plugin and various bug fixes as well as valuable contributions

from helpful developers.


Read more about it here:!.html


Best Regards,

Matti Hjelm

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      that's what I am using now :) new to SoapUI though.

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    Kudos & Congratulations to SmartBear team for their efforts and continued support for the Open Source edition.

    Hope many in the community would embrace this release.
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      Is there a way to regenerate the TestSuite and not override the existed one (Add to it the new ones only)? say I added few more tests and wanted to add them up to my existing TestSuite.

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        You should open a new topic regarding your issue with details, fazlook. And request you not to cross post.
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    Congratulations & Good news.




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      Yeah a POM that works would be great too.

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        Here is the POM.xml that works for me:

        <project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
        	<name>API Tests</name>
        						<id>SoapUI Tests</id>
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    Would be nice if you will fix suite cloning issue. It is there since few versions already (I've seen it in 5.1.2 already). The issue is when you clone suite for the first time everything is good, but when you next try to clone some other suite it clones only the name and content is always taken from the first suite cloned since app was opened. The only workaround I've found is to close the app and open it again - annoying.


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    For Tutorials:
    error " Address already in use"
    when trying to run "Account creation mock"

    There are two ports used:

                                           defaults:       set to:
    HTTP communication:     8080             1235
    HTTPS communication:    8443            1234

    In Linux, run:
    cd /home/mohans/SmartBear/SoapUI-5.3.0/bin

    bin $ ./ -p1235 -m "Account creation mock" "/home/mohans/SoapUI-Tutorials/Sample-REST-Project-soapui-project.xml"

    make sure in "View Form":
    Endpoint is "http://localhost-1235"