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6 years ago

SoapUI 5.3.0 and external JAVA 8

We are currently running SoapUI Open Source 5.3.0 (Build 20161130-0556) on Windows 7 clients using the included JAVA Version, which is running well.

While developing a client package for Windows 10 we are removing the included JAVA Version from the package (removing the JRE folder). Thus the already installed JAVA 8 version shall be used (SE for running SoapUI.

When starting SoapUI as a normal user it hangs at the splash screen until Java is killed from the Task Manager.

A workaround to start SoapUI as a user with local administrator rights (NOT "run as Administrator") works, but is not applicable as a solution.


Any ideas, how to get it running also as user with normal user rights?


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    Try looking at SoapUI.log, or just run SoapUI from the command line to look at the console output to see if that can give more detail on what the problem is.

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      There is only one line of entry in the soapui.log file.

      2018-09-11 13:09:18,380 INFO [DefaultSoapUICore] Creating new settings at [C:\Users\Username\soapui-settings.xml]

      Looks like it gets really stuck at that point.

      No entry in soapui-errors.log.

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    Was showing similar kind of errors at my end too, and crashing on regular intervals.