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6 years ago

SoapUI | Groovy script | Cyrillic encoding in the file


I have projectDir file with Cyrillic letters. Groovy Script set this letters from projectDir file to SoapUI properties, but when they are installed, they become unreadable. It's encoding problem, but I do not know what encoding is used in properties.

File content:


Groovy Script:


// ==== Prepare properties for reading ==== //
def groovyUtils = new GroovyUtils(context);
def projectDir = groovyUtils.projectPath; "projectDir: " +projectDir
def props = new Properties();
new File(projectDir, "InstallAPs.txt").withInputStream {
	stream -> props.load(stream); 

def NameOfOrganization =String.valueOf(props["NameOfOrganization"])
testRunner.testCase.setPropertyValue("NameOfOrganization", NameOfOrganization)



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    Go to this path:-

    SOAPUI_HOME/bin and then edit soapui-5.4.0.vmoptions and below line


     Save it and restart soapui again. You will see the changes in soapui->Help -> System properties.