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9 years ago

Soap UI with External JAR not working as it works in Eclipse

Hello All,


Here is my problem.


My client has asked to use their custom RestClient for some scenarios where we test the RESTful services. For this purpose, i have build a custom JAR with the code relating to their RestClient and placed it under..bin/ext folder. Then i tried to call the function from Groovy Script to access the custom rest client. I am getting an weird exception which is not happening if put the same JAR under the build project of the Java project and execute them through Eclipse.


Will the groovy script not work the same way the Eclipse works if we do the above steps?


Exception Logged :

Wed Apr 13 12:58:11 IST 2016:ERROR:java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access method;I)Lsun/net/www/protocol/http/AuthenticationInfo; from class

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    This is not showing complete stacktrace. You need to check in which class of your code leading to that error.
    Any way error is clear.
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      Thanks Rao.


      But I am able to run with the same JAR through Eclipse. Any specific reason i should be concerned about?