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7 years ago

SOAP UI multiple times to run a test case

Can some one tell me how to run a test case mutiple times in soap ui by reading data from excel.


Eg my excel has data like sender name ,sender last name with 5 different values.I need to run the same test case  with sender first name and last  name  multiple times.


Eg First run will be sender first name1 and sender lastname1

Second t run will be sender first name2 and sender lastname2

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      I am using soap ui open sources so please suggest how to implement it.

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        DataSource Loop makes it easier to run multiple test cases.. And this feature you can get once you buy the license. Otherwise,, You need to write java/groovy code to implement this. You can give a try using for loop :-


        def ds = testRunner.testCase.getTestStepByName('DataSource')
        def totalRow = 5
        def col1, col2, col3
        def request = ""

        for (row in 1..totalRow) {
        if (row > 1) {
        testRunner.testCase.getTestStepByName('DataSource').next(testRunner, context)
        col1= ds.getPropertyValue('col1')
        col2= ds.getPropertyValue('col2')
        request += "<column1>${col1}</column1><column2>${col2}</column2>"

         This way you need to write codes which is really tough to handle.

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    For getting data from Excel you will need a library. You can search for that, one I see a lot is Apache POI. But it's not all that easy to use. An easier approach might be to save your Excel to CSV. Then you can do this:


    /* example CSV:
     * Aaronson,Aaron
     * Baggins,Bilbo
     * Dion,Celine   */

    new File('senders.csv')
    .split ('\n')
    .collect { it.split(',') }
    .each { String[] sender ->

        context << [first: sender[1], last: sender[0]]
        /* in the test step, use property expansions:
         *  ${first}, ${last} */
        testRunner.runTestStepByName('some request step')
        .with { result ->
            /* you can add assertions on the test step,
             * or you can do some here */
            assert result.responseContext.contains(context.first)
            assert result.responseContext.contains(context.last)
            assert result.responseStatusCode == 201 //created


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      Add a step for Groovy Script & put the following piece . This will pull data from excel & load it to properties in your test case.


      import jxl.*
      import jxl.write.*

      Workbook file = Workbook.getWorkbook(new File("C:/Folder1/File1.xls"))
      tc = context.testCase


      //This is to access the sheet
      Sheet PersonInfo = file.getSheet(0)


      //This will fetch data from cells. getCell(row,column) -- The leftmost cell being (0,0)
      Cell FirstName = PersonInfo.getCell(1,1)
      Cell LastName = PersonInfo.getCell(2,1)
      Cell Address = PersonInfo.getCell(3,1)
      Cell DOB = PersonInfo.getCell(4,1)


      //The following piece will load the excel values in SoapUI in Test Case properties

      Now, In your Request XML, you can fetch that data using the following syntax.