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9 years ago

SOAP UI Integration Testing Question

Hello all,


I am exploring my options to solve the following integration test issue that I am having,  this is more of a high-level functionality question.  We have 2 applications that I am working on a customer-facing application and an internal CRM system that contains customer information. I want to be able to test that what's generated in the customer facing application is appropriately reflected in the CRM application and  vice versa. This is going to center around Work request numbers (a unique identifier) and invoice numbers (another unique identifier).


With SOAPUI (assuming I have the appropriate WSDLs or XML) would I be able to create automated tests performing service calls that generate a unique identifier upon submission(an invoice number for example), then with another call or series of calls use the identifier to return and verify what's in the 2nd application (by having matching invoice types and amounts for example)?


Ideally, I would want to create this suite and bring into Jenkins.


Thanks for any help that is provided ! 

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    Yes, all that sounds relatively straight forward with SoapUI. A very simple starting point would be something like:


    1) Create a Project, TestSuite & TestCase

    2) Create new properties on the TestCase to store your work request id and invoice id

    3) Create Request TestSteps to make the calls to the APIs of the two systems

    4) Add Assertions to the TestSteps to verify the content of the responses


    Is this sounding OK to you? Not sure, if this is exactly what you want or how much you already know about SoapUI, but I can obviously go into a lot more detail if required?




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      Awesome to know ! I played with SOAPUI before so I have some familiarity and what you are saying makes sense.

      Where my curiosity/unfamiliarity comes in is  at your 2nd point 


      • What if I do not have those IDs until after a service call is performed ? Are there properties that allow you to house and reference data that's generated from calls ?


      • I want to be able to generate those IDs via service calls and then without me manually intervening take them for use in subsequent calls in the test suite.