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11 years ago

SOAP UI Hangs during script execution

About 10 call into the script below, SOAP UI becomes completely unresponsive and has to be killed and restarted. Is there something wrong with the script?

def groovy = new context )
def holder = groovy.getXmlHolder( "executeQuery#response" )
def reqHolder = groovy.getXmlHolder( "getResourceDetail#request" ) context

for ( resource in holder.getNodeValues("//resource/@guid") ) { "Resource = [$resource]"
reqHolder["//resource/@guid"] = "[$resource]"
context.requestContent = reqHolder.getXml();
testRunner.runTestStepByName( "getResourceDetail" );
def resHolder = groovy.getXmlHolder( "getResourceDetail#response" ) resHolder.getXml();


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    Can you precise more in the say "Unresponsive"? or little clear what is happening from the logs, use more clear logging as needed
  • By unresponsive I mean the UI does not respond to mouse clicks or keyboard input and the screen will not repaint when resized. There is nothing I can see in the logs to suggest an error. The only way to recover is to close and re-open Soap UI.
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    Are you by chance trying to edit/click on the code while running it?
  • I'm not trying to click on the run window while the test is running, the log window stops updating. I am running on Windows 7 and in the task manager, there is no CPU being used by SOAP UI. I found that by adding a sleep(1000) between each call it no longer hangs.
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      Hi Robert,


      how did you add 1000 sleep in to your scripts

      soap ui 5.2.0 is freezing with rest scripts execution I am running 100 plus scripts at a time



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        With the groovy command sleep(1000). I am having the same problem with another test script, but in this case, the script is not all run from groovy, I have to add a delay 1000 in the test script flow. There is definitely an issue with SOAP UI 5.2.0 when running test scripts.