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3 years ago

REST Testing by Using SoapUI

Hello everyone,

I'm a master student this is my first semester and I've taken SOFTWARE VERIFICATION, VALIDATION, and TEST MANAGE class. My consultant has given me a project  that REST Testing by Using SoapUI. I've researched a lot bu I don't know from where should I start, what kind of project should I choose or create. The report that I presented last week to my consultant I state that I want to RESTAPI functional test in soapui  by using parameters such as get, post, delete etc. but he responded me that this method is not convenience for the scope of the class, told that these are the scope of using a test tool.He wants me to test (functional, security, load) and compare the results. I don't know what I should to do. Can you help me and give ideas for this problem please? What kind of project should I choose and how can I test? Can you recommend a website or a video?

Thank you.

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