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8 years ago

REST POST Body project file not saving 02/03/04/05/06 ASCII control codes

Hi All,

I'm using the REST POST feature, and in the body I'm putting in ASCII control codes (i.e. STX/ETX 02/03, and others).  When I put them into the body and hit 'play' and run the tests, works great.


However, after save and reload, it replaces the control codes with '?' and the same 'play' no longer works.  Copy/paste replace with a payload with the control codes back to working fine. Save/reload, back to '?'.


How to have the 'save' and reload work with control codes?




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      Again, these are ascii control codese


      ISA00  or for visual,  ISA[GS]00[GS]  where [GS] is \29 group separator.  Using notepad++ would show ascii control codes in associated files. I've attached a text file that contains the control codes as an example.



      However, the .xml project file save/load, it comes back as:




      no more control codes.


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        So, reviewing I see two different issues in supporting control codes (unless there is a workaround...just surprised it works in the tool before save, but doesn't after save/reload).


        1. XML versions 1.1 would be needed for the special characters.  -- This loads fine with the current 5.2.1 tool as XML 1.1, but gets overwritten on save.
        2. Need to encode them along the lines of   for GS /29 characters for example. -- This does not load fine with current 5.2.1 tool.