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8 years ago

request editor does not open

when double clicking on or attempting to open the request editor via the context menu, nothing happens. 


is this a bug?


i cannot edit a request resource. 


only just started happening today. 


os: os x 10.11.16



  • After a few restarts and attempts it now opens.


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    After a few restarts and attempts it now opens.


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      Occasional Contributor

      I tried it multiple times but no luck. Is there a better solution to this issue?

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        Hi Pai,


        Could you please elaborate your situation on which version of SoapUI and which platform you are using? Also, you can add the SoapUI log if any error found.




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    Delete the parameters with empty names in Resource Editor, save it and then you should be able to open it in later versions.


    in a WADL there will be Resources and Methods, there might be parameters in it. Please delete and then it will work.

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    I am working in version 5.3.0 and using REST services. It happened the second time, that I defined services en testsuites. After a save or rename of the file I can not open the requests anymore. In what situation does SOAPui get confused - loses the link to the rest services.. Restarting the application does not work.