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9 years ago

Re: Why does SoapUI call my service twice?

Reviving thread to see if someone is facing the issue in version 5.2.1

I am newbie to SoapUI. I have recently started to use the SoapUI version 5.2.1

I am calling SOAP APIs and the calls are being made twice.

How can I debug if the issue is with the SOAP APIs that I am using or the SoapUI tool?

Please help...

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    Please add more details so that it could be reproducible with minimum steps or configuration for others.

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      I have noticed this for awhile which hasnt been an issue until now when i am trying to loop through and im needing a specific request count.


      I am using a basic setup with a DataSource, Service call, Groovy script to retrive data, Data Sync and a DataSource Loop step. After executing and reviewing the Transaction Log I am seeing two requests for the same data.


      Searching the forums it looks like the issue has been around for a long time with no resolution. I am currently using ReadyAPI 1.6.0 and SoapUI Pro 5.1.0 and get the same result.



      figured out what my problem was. It was in my groovy script where i was getting the status of my service call. I was using testRunner.runTestStepByName which was re-running my service