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8 years ago

Re: Copied project works on one computer but not the other

Good day everyone!


Its my first time to use SOAP IU, our Developers made a project and its working in a pc in our lab but not in the other pc.

Both pc are using Windows 7.


Could you kindly share some advise what are the things that we need to check to run the SOAP UI in other pc.


Many thanks!



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    It is way broad to answer to question unless you provide the more details about the issue specifics.
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    Hi Rao,


    Thanks for your reply. To be honest I'm not sure how will I clearly describe the problem.


    Well, we have a these mock projects copied in one pc and its running in SOAP UI. We copied the same mock projects to 2nd  pc and installed SOAP UI.


    I understand both pc (test lab pc) are running in Windows 7 and for some reason, the SOAP UI is not running on the 2nd pc.


    Not sure if there's firewall restrictions issue on the 2nd pc but I've ask our IT that both have the same setup.


    I hope this information helps.


    Thanks in advance!