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6 years ago

Property Transfer question - Load Testing

Hi Smartbear community.


I have been lurking here for some time and it's good to finally be here and posting.  I have an issue with something I am trying to accomplish.  This is for an API and I'm hoping someone could shed some light on why I am getting this problem. 


I have three API calls, one is a Post, the other a Get and lastly a Delete (The Get and Delete's api paths are the same, depending on the http method used when making the call it is routed to the correct method).


The Post and Delete have been setup in a test suite with a property transfer to set the ID before firing the delete.

Running the test suite the methods are fired as expected.


Upon creating a load test for the test suite and running it an http Get is fired for the Delete and not the Delete itself.


I appreciate any feedback on this, if it is a known bug or perhaps I have set up the property transfer incorrectly?



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  • Tyring to visualize this

    Do you have a snapshot of the Load Test?

    Example - The DELETE step is not firing At All? - or It's not Firing Successful?

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      Hi thanks for replying.  The Delete is not firing at all and instead the Get is being called in it's place.  It seems as if the Delete is actually calling the Get function.