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9 years ago

Problem with Test Web Service SOAP with certificate

Hi all

i'm new in this forum ..and  i'm new in this arguments and so , sorry if my questions are stupids . This is my scenario:

until yesterady i have a SOAP web service that i could test with SOAP UI (Vers 5.2.1 free version); then today has been installed a certifcate to access to this Ws and now not working more the WS; i tried to follows the instructions at to install certificate in Soap UI but in the SOAP UI log i see  "Thu Jul 07 12:20:04 CEST 2016:DEBUG:<< "You need a client side certificate issued by MyFirm CA to access this site".


questions / doubts:

1. the certificate that i use is ".p12"  ; this a type certification correct ? 

2. If i try to access to the Wsdl Web Service via Browser (after installing the certificate) , i see the Wsdl file


which could be the problem

Thanks in advance


P.S. this is the error that i see in the SOAP UI FORM:

there was something wrong with the wsdl you are trying to import

Error loading

org.apache.xmlbeans.XmlException: org.apache.xmlbeans.XmlException: error: Unexpected element: CDAT


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