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3 years ago

Problem with SoapUI Testrunner API Access to get informations about SOAP Webservice calls

Dear SoapUI community, 


we would like to use the Java API of the testrunner to get informations about SOAP Webservice calls. We need to query Request, Response and Contain Assertions from Webservice calls, We have SOAP Webservices as test step in our SoapUI Testsuites and are able to execute the testsuite and query the general TestStep class but cannot query the WSDL specific class, where we think we find the Soap Webservice specific Request, Response and Assertion Informations. Perhaps somebody has a Code-Snippet or something else to show how to query these SOAP Webservice informations ? 


That would be great. 


Thanks in advance. Best regards..

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    I think we have too less knowledge about using testrunner accordingly to get to the informations we need. We should stop this ineffective trial and error mode, but approach a structured way by understanding better the software concepts behind the testrunner. 

    So we are looking for a good documentation or book about SoapUI testrunner and how 2 use it. Is there any recommendation for a good doc ? 

    Thanks in advance. Best regards.