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8 months ago

Please help with SSL Handshake exception


I am trying to trigger a test case in soapUI 5.2.1 from command Linux , with https url and getting handshake exception.  Please help if  anyone aware of how to fix.

Same test works from UI but failing in linux command line.


03:52:12,810 DEBUG [SoapUIMultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager$SoapUIDefaultClientConnection] Sending request: CONNECT HTTP/1.1
03:52:12,839 DEBUG [SoapUIMultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager$SoapUIDefaultClientConnection] Receiving response: HTTP/1.1 200 Connected
03:52:12,840 DEBUG [HttpClientSupport$SoapUIHttpClient] Tunnel to target created.
03:52:13,115 DEBUG [HttpClientSupport$SoapUIHttpClient] Attempt 1 to execute request
03:52:13,115 DEBUG [SoapUIMultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager$SoapUIDefaultClientConnection] Sending request: POST /env/bcmai/restservices/gcw/v1/mycontract/clientcontracts/ HTTP/1.1
03:52:22,839 DEBUG [SoapUIMultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager$SoapUIDefaultClientConnection] I/O error closing connection Connection has been shutdown: Remote host closed connection during handshake



I have below options in SoapUI-5.2.1.vmoptions



From groovy too tried enabling proxy below before running api, which didnt help.


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