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3 years ago

Performance/Logging Issue - SoapUi Load Tests

Hello, i have a SoapUI set up in a Hyper-V(16)/Windows Server 2008 R2 with 16gb Ram and 8 cores.

I have compiled a variety of load tests, but i ve noticed that especially when running LoadTests with a loadprofile "Variance" i dont get proper result sets in the statistics of the load test, the counters do not seem to be incrementing logically (ie the total bytes does not increase steadily). Often, even though the calls are done and are successful, i get no report numbers in the load test screen. Its like the load test has not even started (and its at 100%)


I have noticed this especially in scenarios where 100+ Threads were used, multiple services were load tested simultaneously, and there was a wide spread in the expected response times (ie, one service call was taking around 40ms, the other around 4sec).


Also, on occasion it gives an "Out of memory" SoapUI error, which does not seem to correspond with a high memory usage. I have tried configurations up to 16cores/64gb ram. As it is, the only way i can test is by separating services/business scenarios and running a load test for each, which is bound to be /very/ time consuming.


I tried changing the heapsize for the jvp by following the instructions from here but to no avail:


Is there any advice you can give me on how to resolve this?


If i can upload any further information to help you help me, please reply and i ll edit or reply with the additional info.


Thanks in advance!

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